Renovation of Philippus Church


Project: Renovation of Philippus Church
Building Type: Refurbishment
Address: Aurelienstraße 54
Zip/City: 04177 Leipzig
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner GFT GmbH
Completion: 2019


Project: Renovation of Philippus Church

The Philippus Chrurch, which was almost in its original state since 1910, is one of the landmark buildings in the west of the city of Leipzig. Its striking elements are, above all, the almost 62-meter-high tower and the numerous neo-Baroque ornaments. Since 2012, the Philippus Church belongs to the Vocational Training Center Leipzig.

In the course of renovation work, Lindner GFT realized the underfloor heating in the nave and the altar area with the NORIT-underfloor heating NORIT-TE 30 Therm GF (gypsum fiber), which combines dry screed and underfloor heating. With a low construction height of only 33 mm, the system was the convincing solution for this refurbishment. After the NORIT-potting compound has been applied, the system can already be walked on after 4 hours and is ready for floor covering after 24 hours, which has positive effects on the construction period.


NORIT-Underfloor Heating System