PWS Tettenweis


Project: PWS Tettenweis
Building Type: Sacred Buildings, Residential buildings
Address: Hauptstraße 2
Zip/City: 94167 Tettenweis
Country: Germany
Company Division: Lindner GFT GmbH
Completion: from 2020 to 2021


Project: PWS Tettenweis

Together with the Benedictine Abbey of St. Gertud, the Hans Lindner Foundation has designed another multi-generation house for children and senior citizens – the Parkwohnstift Tettenweis. In the course of the complete renovation of the 38,000 m2 building, Lindner was involved in the construction project with numerous finishing services and products such as wooden doors, parquet flooring and underfloor heating.

In addition to the renovation work, three new bungalows were built. Today, in the former building of the sisters' community there are apartments for assisted living, an outpatient care service, a day care centre for children and a day care centre.

A particular challenge in the construction process was the fire and monument protection in the existing building: The Lindner NORIT products provide a remedy here – they can be used in new as well as existing buildings without any problems.

Therefore, the multi-generation house contains several thousand m2 of the NORIT dry screed: This is particularly environmentally friendly due to its gypsum fibre component. In addition, 90,000 kg of NORIT's bonded fill provide stability: The dry fill creates a levelling effect in the floors and thus ensures barrier-free accessibility in the building. Modern comfort and a feel-good atmosphere are guaranteed by more than 800 m2 of NORIT underfloor heating: The panel heating and cooling systems are integrated directly into the floor and ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

Companies involved

Client: Hans Lindner Stiftung, Arnstorf, Germany


NORIT-Underfloor Heating System
NORIT-TE 30 Therm E 210 sqm
NORIT-TE 30 Therm U 300 sqm
NORIT-Dry Screeds
NORIT-TE 20 400 sqm
NORIT-TE 25 2,800 sqm